Sports Rules


  1. After playing in one contest with a team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport.
  2. Varsity, junior varsity, and freshman squad members are ineligible for all intramural activities during a varsity sport season (ex: basketball-basketball, softball-softball).
  3. Any member of a varsity team may not participate in that Intramural sport unless their eligibility has been used or expired.  Any questions, please contact the intramural coordinator.
  4. Any team using ineligible players will forfeit the contest or contests in which that player participated.
  5. Any player who is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may be declared ineligible to compete.
  6. Any student who is on intramural probation for disciplinary reasons may not participate in intramurals during that period of time. Intramural probation is a sanction imposed by the Intramural Coordinator on intramural participants for behavior and/or infractions such as (but not limited to): 
  • Successive abusive conduct (verbal, physical) to an intramural official.
  • Being ejected from an intramural contest.
  • Successive flagrant or unsportsmanlike fouls during a contest.
  • Striking an intramural official.                                              

         Probation lasts for the length of the sport season that the participant was participating in.

  1. All protests must be presented in writing accompanied by a $2 fee within 24 hours of the contest to the intramural coordinator. The money will be returned if the protest is upheld by the intramural coordinator. If the protest is not upheld, the $2 fee will be deposited into the general intramural fund.
  2. A protest will be entertained only when it involves interpretation of a rule or rules of the use of an ineligible player, not when it involves the judgment of an official.
  3. A letter winner may participate in that intramural sport and a team may have more than one letterman on its roster if they have used up their intercollegiate eligibility in that sport. The number of ex-letterman playing on one team at the same time is FB-2, SB-2, BB-1, VB-1, In Soc-1.
  4. Team rosters must be filled out and turned in PRIOR TO FIRST CONTEST.
  5. All organizational meetings are in Room B52, Williams Fieldhouse.  
  6. Team entry forms are available in the intramural office in Williams Fieldhouse and on the Intramural website
  7. You may only play for one team; however, you may play on a coed and a men’s or women’s team. (Ex: volleyball)
  8. Any team not represented at the organizational meeting will not be admitted.
  9. Any team not paying the $25.00 participation fee at the organizational meeting will not be admitted into that sport. Must be paid in cash!
  10. Any team not paying the $25.00 forfeit fee at the organizational meeting will not be admitted into the sport. Must be paid in cash!
  11. No food, gum or drink (except water) will be allowed in gymnasium or indoor track/multi-court area.  Anyone caught will be removed from the PAC facility for a two week period of time.
  12. You must bring clean dry shoes for any sport played at the Pioneer Activity Center.
  13. No one may play under the influence of alcohol.  If any person is caught playing under the influence of alcohol, the entire team (all persons) will be banned from ALL intramural sports for one year.


  1. First Aid Equipment is available in the intramural office.
  2. Minor injuries may be cared for at Health Services in Royce Hall. Players whose injuries seem serious SHOULD NOT BE MOVED until a representative of the Intramural Department authorizes action.
  3. The University assumes NO responsibilities for injuries resulting from participation in activities sponsored by the Intramural Department of the university. Participants are strongly urged to purchase the proper insurance coverage while on campus or make certain they are covered by their parents’ health insurance plan.
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