2014-15 Committee Members


  • Dr. Karen McLeer, Director of Retention Initiatives and Academic Success


  • Dr. Kory Wein, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education
  • Dr. Teresa Burns, Professor of English
  • Emalydia Flenory, Student
  • Lindsay Hollingsworth, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Dr. Mark Meyers, Professor of Engineering
  • Ary Rashidi, Student
  • Regina Pauly, Instructional Materials Laboratory, Karrmann Library
  • Vicky Suhr, Community Member
  • Ellen Hughes, Admission Advisor, Office of Admission and Enrollment Services
  • Valerie Wetzel, Assistant Director for Pioneer Student Center
  • Sharon Klavins, Professor of Biology
  • Kia Hendrickson, Assistant Director, First-Year Experience
  • Morgan Spitzer, Interim Coordinator, Writing Center

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