Technology Education

Judging at Skills USA competition
Judging at Skills USA competition

What is Technology Education?

Technology Education prepares students to teach in the middle school or secondary school system. This major prepares the student to become certified to teach Technology Education through a combination of professional education courses and technology courses. The strength of the program is its unique collaboration between the School of Education (pedagogy–"how to teach") and the Department of Industrial Studies (technology–"what to teach"). Both programs combine a personal touch with "hands-on" learning.

Technology education content is derived from industrial practices and engineering concepts. The student is introduced to the theories, the science, and the technology employed by modern manufacturing. All of these concepts are taught in modern laboratory settings designed to give students a complete understanding of equipment, processes, and techniques when processing materials.

A primary goal of technology education is to promote technological literacy. To achieve this goal, technology education prepares students to understand, evaluate, control, and utilize modern technologies. Adapting to technological change and dealing with factors influencing the present and future are reflected in curricular offerings for the major.

Strengths of Technology Education at UW-Platteville

The variety of laboratory courses enhance the student learning in technology education. Specifically, course work in the following areas prepare the future technology education teacher:

  • Graphic Communication
  • Material Processing
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Power Systems and Controls
  • Construction Materials and Processes
  • Educational Theory and Practice (Pedagogy)


Faculty teaching in the technology education major are highly qualified. Due to the unique combination, faculty are drawn from both the School of Education and the Department of Industrial Studies. All faculty are recognized as specialists in their respective fields of study.

Great Placement Outlook

Demand for technology education teachers is great. Over the last several years, Wisconsin has had at least 50 vacancies for certified technology education teachers. Projections suggest that this demand will continue as the current cohort of technology education teachers reach retirement age.

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