Occupational Safety Management

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Among the most important decisions in one's life is choosing a career. Selecting a career in occupational safety management will provide a competitive income and the self-satisfaction of assisting fellow employees to carry out their job duties in a safe and healthy working environment.

Professional positions in the occupational safety management field include safety managers in industry, construction safety specialists, OSHA compliance officers, loss control representatives, industrial hygienists, safety consultants, and others. These safety professionals find full-time positions in the following sectors: manufacturing, building construction, product distribution, health care facilities, government agencies, insurance companies, and foundry industries. Upon graduation, placement in this field is in the 90 percent category. Salaries are competitive with other professional fields.

The occupational safety management emphasis is found in the Department of Industrial Studies and located on the fourth floor of Pioneer Tower at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The occupational safety management emphasis provides a broad-based technical background, hands-on curriculum to prepare individuals for entry level safety and health positions in the business and industrial world. An internship is required to complete the undergraduate degree in the industrial technology management/occupational safety management program. It is believed that an industrial internship allows students to apply classroom concepts and provides preparation for a full-time position.

A friendly atmosphere and committed faculty and staff will offer you meaningful learning experiences within and outside the classroom. Classes are small so that students receive personal attention. Instructors also have the time to assist students. At UW-Platteville, students enjoy the challenges of the classroom, yet, gain practical knowledge necessary to prepare for a career in occupational safety management. For further information call the Department of Industrial Studies at 608.342.1246.

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