These non-credit workshops are offered each semester.

  • Study Skills - Individualized or group sessions
    The complete study skills workshop will include time management, note taking, test taking, stress management, memory enhancement, and learning styles. Individual workshops can be custom designed by selecting a skill or skills to review.
  • Reading Workshop - Individualized or group sessions
    The complete reading workshop will include comprehension skills, vocabulary development and reading rate. Individual workshops can be custom designed by selecting a skill or skills to improve.
  • Computer Workshop - Individualized Instruction
    This workshop is for students interested in learning how to best use PC software in college. Typical examples are Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Prezi, e-mail and other Internet-based programs.
  • Algebra Skills - Individualized Instruction
    For those students who are required to take an algebra course, but need review work first. Areas to be covered include: arithmetic, integers, exponents, radicals, and word problems.
  • Calculator Skills - Individualized Instruction
    This workshop is an introduction to the world of scientific and graphing calculators. Specifically tailored to each individual student's needs, this workshop will teach the common functions of the calculator that will be used in a specific course.
  • Writing Assistance Workshop - Individualized Instruction
    The writing workshop offers consultation on writing projects such as brainstorming or starting a paper, organizing thoughts, revising a paper and the mechanics of writing.
  • Learning Outside the Lines - Not-Your-Typical Study Tips
    Find out about innovative strategies on a variety of topics, e.g. Strategies for Discussion, How to Cram Like a Pro, How to Keep Writing, Revising Writing on Your Own, etc. Spend 10 minutes or less to receive information on study strategies.

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Student Support Services
Tel: 608.342.1816
Fax: 608.342.1813
Office: 116 Warner Hall
Hours: M–F, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Student Support Services Staff
Laura Franklin, Director
Priscilla Hahn, Learning Specialist
Daria Heil, Program Assistant
Caroline Kroll, Program Assistant
Elliott Parsons, Tutor Coordinator
Sharon Pink, Counselor/Advisor
Michael Von Hollen, Academic Coach

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