College of EMS and General Engineering

General Engineering Classroom

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science (EMS) is one of three colleges at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The college consists of eight academic departments:  chemistry, civil and environmental engineering, computer science and software engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics, general engineering, mathematics, and mechanical and industrial engineering. The College of EMS offers ABET-accredited engineering degrees in civil, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical and software engineering, and engineering physics along with degrees in mathematics, broad field science, chemistry, computer science, microsystems and nanomaterials, and sustainable and renewable energy systems.

The General Engineering (GE) program is designed to prepare students for admission into one of seven professional engineering programs available at UW-Platteville. Transfer students who do not immediately qualify for a professional program and all new freshman engineering students must begin their UW-Platteville studies in the general engineering department.

The philosophy of the engineering faculty at UW-Platteville is that all engineering students should be prepared to meet the needs of industry, government and society today and in the future.  This is accomplished by strongly reinforcing the basics of mathematics, chemistry and physics with engineering sciences, followed by a sequence of engineering analysis and design courses which emphasize practical industrial experience.  As our society becomes more complex, so does the role of the engineer. Thus the curriculum is built upon a background in the social sciences and humanities which provides a well-rounded education to aid the student in becoming a quality citizen and a successful engineer.

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