Educational Administration Licensure Program

The Educational Administration Licensure program allows you to serve as a principal or assistant principal in an elementary, middle, or secondary level school.

This 24-credit certification program holds classes on Saturdays and during the summer on UW-Platteville’s campus.


Upon completion of all courses and an approved licensure portfolio, you will receive a Principal (51) license. In order to be recommended for certification, you must possess a master’s degree and hold a professional educator license.

Developed in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines and the Council for Exceptional Children standards.


Prior to taking courses for this licensure, you must enroll as a graduate student with the School of Graduate Studies. To be considered for the Educational Administration licensure you must provide:

  1. Written verification of a minimum of three years of experience in Pre K–12 Teaching or Pupil Services (school counseling, school social work, or school psychologist with evidence of 540 hours of classroom teaching experience) and evidence of eligibility for the respective Department of Public Instruction license.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from administrators stating their association with you, your competency in standards, and commitment to the educational enterprise.
  3. A copy of your current teaching license.

If you do not already hold a master's degree you must obtain one before you graduate in order to obtain your principal license.

Required Core Courses

TEACHING 7340 Educational Administration Introduction Seminar
TEACHING 7350 Educational Administration Relationships
TEACHING 7360 Educational Administration Student Learning
TEACHING 7370 Educational Administration Systems I
TEACHING 7380 Educational Administration Legal Aspects (Regular and Special Education)
TEACHING 7390 Educational Administration Systems II
TEACHING 7400 Educational Administration Practicum 1
TEACHING 7410 Educational Administration Practicum 2

Endorsement and Master's Courses

TEACHING 7000 Research Procedures
TEACHING 7190 Educational Leadership and Mentoring
TEACHING 7620 Special Education: Legal and Theoretical Foundations
TEACHING 7830 Seminar Paper or Educational Project

You can view all of the teaching courses available, and download the program planning form and practicum handbook.

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