Program Overview

The Cross-Categorical Special Education Licensure Program provides advanced study to licensed teachers and to teachers eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license. It was developed according to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines and the Council for Exceptional Children standards. With this licensure teachers can teach students with cognitive, specific learning, and/or emotional behavioral disabilities, at the same developmental level as their regular education license.  Classes are offered online, face to face, and by hybrid delivery.

Program Benefits

  • 18 credit program
  • Cross-categorical classes count toward a Master of Science in Education degree
  • Qualifies teachers in three areas of disability
  • Courses are adapted to the national trend to mix categories of special needs
  • User friendly, blended instruction, evening and summer course offerings make attendance practical
  • Provides school districts more flexibility to mainstream children with disabilities
  • The tuition rate for this program is $510 per graduate credit hour for Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois residents

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Upon successful completion of all courses, approved licensure portfolio, and having obtained a qualifying score on the Middle Level Praxis Assessment (Praxis II) Content Examination and Foundations of Reading Test, teachers will be recommended to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) for a Cross-Categorical Special Education (801) license at the same developmental level as their general education license.

Textbooks and materials

This program requires students to purchase their own books prior to the start of class.  Textbook costs are not included in tuition and fees.

Required Courses

  • TEACHING 6030 - Management for Children with Disabilities (3 cr)
    Increases the understanding of instructional practices for managing classroom behavior.  Presents techniques for preventing behavior problems and for intervening when problems do occur.
  • TEACHING 6150 - Assessing Children with Disabilities (3 cr)
    A survey of psychological testing with emphasis on the evaluation, administration, interpretation, and statistical analysis of the results of psychological testing devices and techniques.
  • TEACHING 6830 - Strategies for Effective Inclusion (3 cr)
    Current trends and issues in special education, the role of the general education teacher, and characteristics of students with various disabilities will be discussed. Adaptations and modifications in curriculum, instruction, and assessment for students with various exceptionalities will be a major focus of this course.
  • TEACHING 7220 - Remedial Reading (3 cr)
    Provides instruction on teaching children who read one or two grade levels below expectation.  Supplemental and specialized techniques of the developmental reading concepts are emphasized and such topics as identification of the remedial reader, selection, application, and evaluation of the materials and techniques appropriate to the individual are included.
  • TEACHING 7620 - Special Education: Legal and Theoretical Foundations (3 cr)
    Participants will develop a working knowledge of law (e.g.-IDEA 1997) as it relates to the rights and responsibilities of students, staff, and families. Participants will also incorporate knowledge of historical foundations, service delivery models, philosophies, and cultural diversity into the general and/or special education classroom.
  • TEACHING 7960 - Cross-Categorical Special Education Practicum (3 cr)
    The practicum in SLD/EBD/or CD is required in lieu of student teaching for graduate students in the Cross-Categorical Licensure Certification Program. Students will have a teaching experience under the supervision of a master teacher and/or field coordinator in a school, clinic, or other setting which provides practical application of theory, experience, and evidence of mastery of skills required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Code.

MSE COURSES (6-9 credits)

  • TEACHING 7000 - Research Procedures (3 cr)
  • TEACHING 7830 - Seminar Paper or Educational Project (3 cr)
  • TEACHING 7190 - Educational Leadership and Mentoring (3 cr)

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