Cross-Categorical Special Education Licensure Program

The Cross-Categorical Special Education Licensure program allows teachers the opportunity to teach students with intellectual, specific learning, and/or emotional behavioral disabilities, at the same developmental level as their regular education license. Classes are offered online, face-to-face, or in a hybrid format.

This 18-credit licensure program counts towards a Master of Science in Education and qualified teachers in three areas of disability. Courses are adapted to the national trend to mix categories of special needs.


Upon successful completion of all courses, approved licensure portfolio, and qualifying scores on the Middle Level Praxis Assessment (Praxis II) Content Examination and Foundations of Reading Test, you will be recommended to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for a Cross-Categorical Special Education (801) license at the same developmental level as your general education license.

Developed in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines and the Council for Exceptional Children standards.

Textbooks and materials

This program requires students to purchase their own books prior to the start of class.  Textbook costs are not included in tuition and fees.

Required Courses

TEACHING 6030 Management for Children with Disabilities
TEACHING 6150 Assessing Children with Disabilities
TEACHING 6830 Strategies for Effective Inclusion
TEACHING 7220 Introduction to Reading Difficulties
TEACHING 7620 Special Education: Legal and Theoretical Foundations
TEACHING 7960 Cross-Categorical Special Education Practicum

You can view all of the teaching courses available and download the certification practicum handbook.

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