Writing Center announces Spring 2014 Essay Contest with $1,000 in prizes

November 14, 2013

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Writing Center has announced its third annual essay contest, with $1,000 in prizes for winning submissions. The contest is open to all UW-Platteville students except for student employees of the Writing Center. The first place winner will receive $500, the second place winner will receive $300 and the third place winner will receive $200. Support for the contest is provided by the UW-Platteville Foundation.

Each year, the Writing Center essay contest asks students to analyze or reflect upon a topic of current importance. This year, students must write an argumentative essay of approximately 1,000 words that answers the question: Does evidence suggest that “winning at all costs” is a common mentality throughout the United States?

The topic ties into the UW-Platteville fall 2013 Campus Read book, “Scoreboard, Baby.” In the book, authors explored how a Division I football program and those associated with it – university officials, alumni and the legal system – placed a football victory over accountability for numerous crimes and violations.

For the essay, students may draw upon personal experiences or examples they find in print and electronic sources. Students may reference “Scoreboard, Baby” in their essay, but it is not required. Students do not have to have read the book in order to enter the contest.

“The essay contest offers UW-Platteville students an opportunity to use their writing skills to write about a current and important topic,” said Brianna Jentz, an assistant in UW-Platteville’s Writing and Tutoring Resource Center. “Written and spoken communication skills are necessary in all jobs, and it is important for our students to have hands-on opportunities to use their critical thinking skills.”

Submissions must be original essays, typed and double-spaced. Each essay must include a title page that includes the essay title, student's name, major, local university address, permanent home address, e-mail address, telephone number(s) and the statement “I hereby affirm that this is an original essay and my own work.”

The prompt and full submission requirements can be found at http://www3.uwplatt.edu/watr/writing-center-essay-contest. Students must submit essays online to writingcenter@uwplatt.edu or bring them to the Writing Center, 306 Brigham Hall by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 14.

“Students are encouraged to come to the Writing Center if they have any questions or need help with their essays,” said Jentz. “Our tutors are available to provide one-to-one writing assistance.”

Essay entries will be judged by the Writing Center's student and professional staff as well as representatives from the humanities department and UW-Platteville's three colleges, the College of Liberal Arts and Education; the College of Business, Industry, Life Sciences and Agriculture; and the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

Contact: Brianna Jentz, Writing and Tutoring Resource Center, (608) 342-1615, jentzbr@uwplatt.edu

Written by: Laurie Hamer, College of Liberal Arts and Education, (608) 342-6191, hamerl@uwplatt.edu


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