WI Pork Producers visit Pioneer Farm

June 26, 2003

PLATTEVILLE-The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has recently begun work on its new Swine Center. Last Wednesday the Wisconsin Pork Producers visited the Pioneer Farm and got a chance to see the foundation of the facility.

"The Wisconsin Pork Producers made a donation to the Swine Center and while holding their meeting in Lancaster, thought they would tour the facility and the UWP campus," said Alicia Prill-Adams, who guided the group on its tour of the Pioneer Farm.

Thirteen board members toured the new Swine Center, located on 30 acres across the road from the Pioneer Farm. The land was donated to the University by Bob Clare of Platteville. The Swine Center will house pigs of all stages of life from the time they are born until they have piglets.

The new Swine Center wasn't all that the Pork Producer saw on their tour of the Pioneer Farm. The group was allowed to walk through the Agriculture Technology Center which is currently under construction. The Agriculture Technology Center will be used for data and research collection. It will be used for distance education and online courses as well as classroom space for hosting workshops training sessions and other education activities for all ages. The 8,853 sq. ft. of the Agriculture Technology Center will be used as office space for project personnel, workspace for visiting scientists and to store the data that is found.

Along with the Agriculture Technology Center another project underway that the Wisconsin Pork Producers toured at the Pioneer Farm was the new Living and Learning Center. This center will be the location of 24 dorm-like housing units, a kitchen, a lounge and conference rooms.

"This will be a place for visiting scientists to stay while working on research or for an organization to stay while holding a conference at the farm. We also hope to have overnight farm camps in which students will be able to stay in the Living and Learning Center," said Prill-Adams.

"This is my first time to the Pioneer Farm and UWP," said Jonathan Wyttenbach, a Sauk County representative of the Wisconsin Pork Producers. "It will be a great experience for non-farm people to go through this facility -Pioneer Farm and see how a farm works."

After the tour of the Pioneer Farm, the Pork Producers had lunch at the Pioneer Student Center on campus and were given a tour of the facility before heading to Lancaster for their meeting.


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