Von Rueden seizes international study opportunity

January 29, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- UW-Platteville student Kyle Von Rueden, a native of Baraboo, will continue his education in biology and education in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Von Rueden chose to attend college in Chicoutimi because of his French minor.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable teaching without having the experience of living in an area where they speak French," said Von Rueden. "I decided to go to Quebec as a way to have an experience in a deep French culture where a large percentage of people do not speak English."

While attending college, Von Rueden will be living in a French speaking home of four. Von Reuden is enrolled in a variety of classes based on the topics of culture, history and oral literature. He hopes to dramatically increase his fluency with the language, gain a better understanding of the culture and improve his written comprehension.

Von Ruden looks forward to seeing the natural beauty of the city, taking French classes and experiencing a different culture.


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