UWP students who work as well as study tend to do better

November 21, 2002

PLATTEVILLE - Having a job while going to college can do more than buy pizzas and rent videos. In fact, working may ensure better grades.

According to University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student Employment Coordinator Sheila Trotter, students who work do better academically and are more likely to stay in school.

About 75 percent of UWP students hold down jobs, and approximately one-fourth of that number work on campus.

Juggling classes, assignments and work may make students better managers of their time and open doors, said Trotter.

"Students increase their time management skills and tend to feel more a part of college life when they have a job," said Trotter.

The change from classroom to workplace is also a plus, she added. "They get to know people in a different setting other than the classroom."

Working can also lead to a new career or interest. "Students may find something they are interested in just by working," Trotter said.

UWP offers two types of student employment - federal work-study and regular.

Work-study is a federally funded financial aid program consisting of funds made available to help create jobs. To qualify, families must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine need.

Applicants for a campus or work-study job must be enrolled for at least six credits. Examples of campus jobs include library assistant, computer consultant, office and laboratory assistant, dining service worker, maintenance, day care assistant and engineering aide.

Additionally, resident assistants serve as advisors and counselors for residence hall students.

Job applications are available at the UWP Student Employment Office, 204 Brigham Hall. For further information, please call 608-342-1836.

Work-study off-campus jobs are available at non-profit organizations, such as schools districts, Wisconsin Badger Camp and Platteville Family Advocates.

Off-campus employment in Platteville and the tri-county area is also an option. Jamie Unger, assistant store director of Dick's Supermarket, Platteville, said his experience hiring and working with UWP students has been positive.

"Most are reliable, excellent folks," said Unger. Dick's offers very flexible hours and is open from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., he added.

The Lands' End in Dodgeville is another off-campus option. According to Katie Schumacher, recruitment and development coordinator for Lands' End, UWP students are an excellent labor source during the peak season. "We get tons of compliments on UWP students. They are full of energy and reliable." Last year Lands' End hired about 200 students, said Schumacher.


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