UWP students show and work at World Beef Expo

October 14, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- Recently the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Block and Bridle Club attended the World Beef Expo in Milwaukee. While there, students were able to show the red Angus cattle that they helped to train and work with on the Pioneer Farm. The students also worked with a UW-Madison club to organize and assist in the judged shows.

"The students received good feedback about the animals from the judges," said Alicia Prill-Adams, Block and Bridle Club advisor. " It was a very positive learning experience for the students and will help them to come back better next year."

Students were also able to network with many professionals in the beef industry. One student, Megan Guenther, a freshman from Beaver Dam, was even approached by a former judge who had remembered her from showing at her local county fair. It was Megan's first time at the World Beef Expo.

"I worked the collegiate contest and was also able to watch many of the other shows. It was a great experience to see all of the time and hard work everyone puts into these shows," Megan said. "I definitely learned more about showing cattle."

"It's a tremendous hands-on learning experience for the students," said Adams. "There aren't many schools around the country that give their students this kind of opportunity. Even those students who did not go to the show had an opportunity to work with the animals and gain practical experience."


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