UWP student to student shadow program attracts high school juniors from 40 school districts

February 18, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - College-bound high school juniors will get a taste of college life at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student to Student Shadow Day Program on Wednesday, April 9 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

About 120 juniors from 40 school districts will tour the campus and be paired with UWP sophomores and juniors who have similar academic program interests.

The students will experience classroom participation, college social interactions and career exploration.

Each student will accompany the UWP student to classes, lunch and other planned activities.

Faculty and staff from participating schools will make connections with UWP faculty and staff in their corresponding disciplines.

Numerous positive responses were elicited from a UWP Student Shadow Day questionnaire. Students said they enjoyed the ropes course, attending and participating in classes and touring the Pioneer Student Center.

The program was funded in part by a UW-Platteville Foundation Opportunity Fund grant.

The UW-Platteville Foundation Opportunity Fund awarded $45,000 for 15 grants this year. The Foundation initiated the fund program in 1998-99, and total number of grants thus far is 86, with a total monetary value of $411,000.

According to the grant proposal, 65 percent of the UWP student population comes from southwest Wisconsin, and the shadow program is a useful tool to offset loss of students due to statewide declining enrollment.

The program also assists UWP in achieving enrollment targets in the face of economic uncertainty.

Studies by UW System Market Research indicates that students who visit a campus are more likely to consider that campus as an educational option.

The shadow program is a continuation of previous successful programs. Initially, each college targeted specific programs such as engineering, music or business, but last year's program was expanded to include all University programs.


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