UWP student plans to mingle with the Aussies

July 1, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - UWP student Nick Dame is packing his bags for an exciting semester down under where kangaroos, crocodiles and wallabies are just second nature to the surroundings.

Dame, senior mechanical engineering major, will be studying at the University of New Castle, in New Castle, Australia, starting July 21.

The University of New Castle is located about 2-3 hours north of Sydney, Australia, where the 2000 Summer Olympics was held.

Dame will be residing in an international residence hall along with other international and native students at the university.

"I have always wanted to see Australia since I was a kid and I believe now is the best time of life to take advantage of traveling," Dame said.

After speaking to one of his professors who mentioned that college is the best time to see the world because there is no commitment towards a job yet, Dame decided to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. "You can always work for the rest of your life," Dame said.

Nick plans to continue his studies by taking two engineering classes, an ethnic studies class and "one more to keep me busy."

"I hope to learn not only material from the classes I take, but also about the people and the culture. I believe that the most I will learn is from the people I meet and understanding how people from a different country live."

Amy Hicks, a mechanical engineering student with a minor in business from UWP, will also study at the University of New Castle, along with Dame.

Dame plans to travel to New Zealand after completing his studies at the University of New Castle.

"The UWP Study Abroad office has been very helpful and friendly in providing all the information necessary to get started on choosing a destination as to where to study," Dame said.



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