UWP School of Education slogan yields solid concepts

December 16, 2002

PLATTEVILLE - A creative slogan, "Best Practices Make the Difference," gives solid substance to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville School of Education.

School of Education Chair Tom Lo Guidice said the logo is imaginative yet practical. "I was looking for a way to develop a conceptual design which provided solid research," said Lo Guidice.

Change is essential for developing and keeping up with current trends, said Lo Guidice, who has been at UWP since 1990. Keeping pace with the educational environment, Lo Guidice developed an earlier slogan, "Good Teachers Make the Difference."

With the middle school emphasis dawning in 1980 came the focus on the child, said Lo Guidice. A new importance on how schools are organized evolved, and the concept of working in teams flowed from there, added Lo Guidice.

"Best Practices Make the Difference" is the sum of all that is current and progressive in education, said Lo Guidice.

UWP's School of Education is committed to the continuation of quality in its educational offerings and programs, he added, and is responsible for the preparation of teachers.

The school is also responsible for all professional and clinical programs, maintains appropriate student records, maintains appropriate records for accreditation and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction program approval,

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) approval and serves as a resource center for students, faculty, program directors and administrators.

The school provides the professional education instructional component for all preservice teacher candidates. In addition, it provides the instruction for early childhood, elementary, elementary/middle, middle level, physical education and health education teacher candidates.

Master of science in education options include adult, counselor, elementary, middle and secondary education, reading and educational administration.

Lo Guidice was also instrumental in developing the educational administrative licensure program currently in force at UWP.

A team of former and present administrators, educators and UWP faculty members hammered out the two-year Educational Administration Certification Program. The program, begun in the summer of 2001, produces principals trained in practical aspects.


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