UWP professor receives national recognition

April 14, 2003


PLATTEVILLE - When several members of the Society of Plastic Engineers Board of Directors came to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville April 8, UWP professor Majid Tabrizi expected members to participate in the student chapter meeting. He didn't, however, expect the board to bestow upon him international recognition for his contributions to the Society of Plastic Engineers.

"I was completely caught by surprise when they presented me with the award," said Tabrizi, who is a professor of industrial technology and the director of the Center for Plastics Processing Technology at UWP. "I thought the board was just coming for a visit, but it turned out that one of the reasons they came to UWP was to present me with the award."

The Society of Plastic Engineers, a technical society with professional and student chapters located throughout the world, recognized Tabrizi's involvement and contributions toward the advancement and benefit of the plastics industry and the Society of Plastic Engineers. Tabrizi will be formally recognized by the society at the American National Technical Conference held in early May in Nashville, Tenn. Plastic industry professionals from around the world will attend the conference and present awards, gaining international exposure for UWP's plastics program. Tabrizi said plastics is a $9.8 billion industry in Wisconsin.

"According to statistics I have, 53,000 people are working in the Wisconsin plastics industry." Tabrizi said. "We're known for our dairy, but only 20,000 people work in that industry. Wisconsin ranks eighth in the nation for producing plastic, so plastics is big business in Wisconsin and UWP is the only school in the state with a plastics program."

Tabrizi is in his 16th year teaching at UWP. Originally from Iran, he came to the United States in 1977, earning a second bachelor's degree mechanical engineering technology from Southwest State University in Minnesotta. He earned his master's degree from UW-Stout and his Ph.D. from the University of Northern Iowa. After working for a laser company for several years, Tabrizi began teaching at the University of Northern Iowa and eventually came to Platteville. Tabrizi's wife, Pusaporn, also works for UWP as an advisor for multicultural services.


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