UWP online grad, former hall director Weemes

August 22, 2003

Former residence hall director Marcus Weemes graduated from UWP's distance education program in May with a master's in project management degree. He is currently employed by the University of Michigan.

PLATTEVILLE - As colleges around the nation cope with the effects of massive budget cuts and increased costs, who would aspire to work in a university's office of fiscal management?

University of Wisconsin-Platteville graduate Marcus Weemes, for one, and his online degree from UWP may help him get there.

Weemes graduated in May with a master's degree in project management from UWP. He is currently employed as a residence hall director at the University of Michigan and hopes to work his way into the University's office of finances.

"The degree has given me skills that will help me in the management of staff as well as working with budgets and projects," Weemes said.

There is no shortage of management and planning at his current position as he serves the 600 students residing in Couzens Hall. But he has been prepared well for the post as Weemes served as director of UWP's Melcher Hall the past four years.

"Marcus contributed in very positive ways to the overall residence hall environment and our campus in general," UWP Director of Student Housing Rhonda Viney said. "He provided much leadership and direction for his peers and subordinates."

Though Weemes took courses online to complete his degree, he said he communicated frequently with professors.

"I believe you have the ability to receive just as much attention - if not more - by taking distance education courses because of the communication that happens regularly. You can shoot an email to someone or pick up the phone and chat if needed," Weemes said. "Because people understand that learning via distance methods is challenging for most people they go the extra mile to help you."

He completed the degree in just over two years taking courses with topics like financial management, human resources, quality management and accounting.

"Project management involves the operation of all aspects of a task or project within the workplace," Weemes said.

And though he took the program online, that didn't mean he didn't have classmates.

"The program offered a lot of interaction with my fellow classmates. This allowed for us to share personal experiences while learning the material," Weemes said.

Those interested in learning more about distance education at UWP can visit the web site (http://www.uwplatt.edu/disted) for a complete list of degree programs and available courses. You can also call 608-342-1468 or toll-free 800-362-5460 to request an informational packet.


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