UWP multicultural services launches new team

October 4, 2002
2002_10_04_a.jpg UWP Students of Color Recruitment Team members, from left, are Der Vang, Remi Sano, Ger Vang, Yee Vang and Tiahti Young. Absent from the photo is team member Brian Liston.

PLATTEVILLE-A new team to increase the number of students of color at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is on a mission that may result in enrollment and retention gains.

UWP, historically a predominantly white campus, is expected to change that image with initiatives from Multicultural Services (MCS), which is spearheading a six-member team under the leadership of Remi Sano, MCS graduate assistant

Sano said the team's plans to increase diversity within the UWP campus population by recruiting students of color. The plan of action, Sano said, includes making phone calls to future students, making high school visits with minority recruitment leaders, sending letters to students of color who are accepted at UWP and working as campus tour guides.

"Since we have just formed the team, we are in the process of making an events plan," said Sano. "However, we have already started working a new brochure for the MCS department."

Sano, a native of Japan, said she is really excited to be working with her "wonderful students and I am looking forward to this great learning experience that we are going to have this year."

The initiative brought accolades from Charles Moore, MCS Community Outreach Specialist. "The new team is a very welcome and a positive addition to the program. It's going to have a very positive impact on campus as well as our department."

The team's efforts will also increase admission for students of color, Moore predicted.

MCS Director Carlos Wiley and Remi Sano together "are fully aware of the needs of the students of color on this campus," said Moore. "It will be an overall successful program."

Sano added, "I am very happy that we will be part of the recruiting for students of color. We will do our best to bring more diversity to our campus."

Team members are Brian Liston, Milwaukee, a sophomore majoring in psychology; Der Vang, Port Edwards, a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering; Ger Vang, Green Bay, a business administration sophomore; Yee Vang, Green Bay, an electrical engineering junior; and Tiahti Young, Eagle Lake, Minn., a freshman majoring in business.


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