UW-Platteville student employment continues to rise

March 22, 2013

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Platteville employs hundreds of students throughout the campus. Whether it be resident assistants, working for Dining Services, or helping in various departmental offices, students are given opportunities to not only earn money during their college career, but also gain and improve on skills to help them in their future.

Zach Masa-Myers, a junior music education major from Freeport, Ill., works as a resident assistant for the Department of Residence Life. “I wanted to be a resident assistant so I could have a different perspective of the students on campus and be challenged to uphold policies of the university,” said Masa-Myers. “Being an RA has also helped develop my professional life.”

Masa-Myers feels that this job has helped him grow as a person and allowed him to attain a vast knowledge of resources on campus and have access to those resources. “I have to assume a different role of responsibility and sense of accountability for my job and the university,” he said.

Kaela Mellen, a senior psychology major from Oregon, Wis., has worked for Catering Services for four years. She started as a student worker, and then was promoted to student manager. “I chose to work for catering because they had flexible hours and it seemed like it would be a fun job,” said Mellen. “It has really allowed me to grow in terms of my people skills, management skills, and overall interpersonal skills.”

Working for Catering Services has also helped Mellen pay for school. “Student employment is important for the monetary support that it brings to students, as well as giving students opportunities to work with others, meet new people, make friends and learn new skills or expand old skills,” said Mellen. “Employment on campus also helps the students who live on campus and have no vehicle to drive to an off-campus job.”

Holly Maurer, UW-Platteville Financial Aid student employment coordinator works with distributing all employment information to students who are looking for on and off campus opportunities.

“There are approximately 500 work study students employed on campus and many students have multiple jobs,” said Maurer. “Areas such as Dining Services, Karrmann Library, Williams Fieldhouse and the Children’s Center are able to employ students.”

“Student employees are essential to many of the areas on campus,” said Sheila Trotter, assistant director of Financial Aid.

The Financial Aid office updates its online job board daily with part time jobs that are available either off or on campus. The Financial Aid office has many resources available for students looking for employment while attending UW-Platteville and encourages students to visit the job boards and office with any questions regarding student employment.

Contact: Holly Maurer, UW-Platteville financial aid student employment coordinator, (608) 342-1836, maurerh@uwplatt.edu

Written by: Sarah Kessler, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194, kesslers@uwplatt.edu



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