Traveling troupe takes show on the road

May 22, 2003

PLATTEVILLE-A traveling theatre troupe is earning high marks from the high schools it visits. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Traveling Theatre Troupe just completed visits to several schools in southwest Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

Traveling troupe director John McCaslin-Doyle, who serves as UWP assistant theatre professor and coordinator of theatre studies, in his second year of taking the show on the road, is pleased with the outcome. "The University is giving back to the community by providing this traveling troupe. It is most rewarding to see the positive responses we are getting."

Performing helps keep UWP actors' and actresses' bodies and minds in shape, McCaslin-Doyle added. "It's also a great opportunity for students here to perform more often and develop their characters."

Twelve UWP students performed Moliere's comedy, "Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed," a classic play with farcical overtones while on the road, and also performed at UWP's Center for Arts in early May.

In addition to several public schools, the troupe performed for honor students at a small private school in Dubuque, Iowa. "This will help their students develop a drama curriculum," said McCaslin-Doyle. "It's amazing, the reception we are getting," he added. "They love it."

UWP cast members also worked with high school students in workshops, teaching them concentration and dramatic motivation techniques.

The traveling troupe's performance was not only enjoyable, but motivational as well. Charles Slagley, Galena, Ill., High School principal, said the traveling troupe "raised expectations about what our students could do in performance."

Slagley said he observed Galena's 9-12 students during the play. "When our kids were watching the play, they were seeing performers who were almost as young as they were. It made quite an impression. It was wonderful."


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