Teaching Excellence Center offers resources for UWP faculty

November 4, 2002

PLATTEVILLE - Additional and more complex technology need not be overwhelming for University of Wisconsin-Platteville faculty and staff, thanks to on-campus resources offered by the Teaching Excellence Center (TEC).

Much more than an on-line textbook, the TEC's mission statement says it all: "A World of Opportunity for Faculty Development." This mission provides shared leadership in the pursuit of effective and inventive teaching to enhance student learning.

"Faculty development is the key to the TEC's work," said TEC Director Tom Lo Guidice. "I recently did a statewide presentation and was pleased with the response to UWP's innovative TEC."


Being prepared to teach technology as well as arrange and manage a classroom and computer lab networks is one of UWP's TEC functions.


A key function of the TEC is to provide consultative services to faculty in areas of teaching improvement, scholarship and instructional development.


Upcoming faculty and staff training TEC events include an "Introduction to Netmail," on Tuesday, Nov. 12, from 2-3:30 p.m. and again on Wednesday, Nov., 20 from 9-10:30 a.m.

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An introductory course to MS Access 2000 for beginners will be held Monday, Nov. 11, and Thursday, Nov. 14, from 9-11 a.m.

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For these and other course offerings, the TEC website training schedule is posted: training@uwplatt.edu

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All classes will be held in the Karrmann Library Leaning Lab, room B6.


TEC Director Tom Lo Guidice said UWP's technical outreach is well received statewide. "I've been pleased with the number of people who go to our website for information and ideas."

One of TEC's practical outcomes is that faculty is "quickly moving to register for events online," said Lo Guidice.

Established at UWP two years ago, the TEC has built on a strong foundation of student management teams and expanded its work on partnerships.


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