Students tool with exploration and experimentation

April 2, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- Eight UW-Platteville female engineering, mathematics and science students presented a tool workshop to Platteville Middle and High School students on Thursday and Friday, March 6-7. The workshop series was implemented by the Women in Engineering Program at UWP and the Society of Women Engineers with the purpose of providing female students useful skills and establishing a mentoring relationship with a college student.

"Schools are recognizing the need for role models for girls and experience," said Tammy Salmon-Stephans, director of UWP's Women in Engineering Program.

Activities included in the tool workshops were taking apart and putting together some common items such as hairdryers, toasters, can openers and lamps, wiring an outlet or light switch and doing some programmable logic controls. In addition to taking apart and putting together common items, the high school and middle school students will learn to identify tools and describe tools.

"I am very excited about getting girls involved, so they're not afraid to try and do new things and can show the abilities they posses," said Leah Halkin, activities coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers. "I wish I had something like this in high school, I was intimidated to get involved. If I had become more familiar with tools early on, I'd probably have more skills with them now."

Tool workshops are sponsored by American Tool, Cooper Tools, Heiser Hardware, Parallax, Inc., Sears, Stanley-Proto, UW-Platteville Opportunity Fund, UW-Platteville Society of Women in Engineering Program and Weygant's Appliance.

"We are branching out of the University to reach high school and middle school students to make connections and teach our knowledge to them," said UWP student Lisa Cemke.


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