Students present research to state legislators

March 12, 2014

Fourteen University of Wisconsin-Platteville students presented their undergraduate research to state legislators and other state leaders at the 11th annual UW System Posters in the Rotunda event on March 12 at the State Capitol in Madison, Wis.

The students were among nearly 150 participants chosen from across the UW System.

For Paola Martinez, a junior graphic design major from Darlington, Wis., her three-month process of writing the graphic novel "El Lobo des Los Coyotes," resulted in being selected for the event. "It has been very exciting," she said, noting this was the first time she has attended the event.

Elizabeth Tanner, a biology major from Gays Mills, Wis., presented her research on bird-window collisions.  “It gives you a look into the other side of research – not only doing the research, but presenting it and letting people know about it,” said Tanner.

“It’s really exciting because there are a lot of different schools and research represented here; from engineering to industrial design, biology and chemistry,” added Bryce Blackbourn, senior industrial technology management major from Shullsburg, Wis., who presented research on flow ability analysis using Moldex 3D injection molding software. “It’s amazing to see the diversity of research here.”

For more information on the individual research projects presented at Posters in the Rotunda, see the individual links below. 

Students research on organic light-emitting devices

Students conduct research with fabrication of thin film organic light-emitting devices. They are exploring the working principles behind the displays used in digital cameras, mobile devices and portable media players among others. See full story.
Student presenters: Yilda Torres, Ross Johnson


Students work in the Tree-Ring, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Laboratory, focusing on reconstruction of past environments to better understand current and future environmental change. See full story.
Student presenters: Gabriel Brownell, Cassie Jorgenson, Steven La Barge, Giselle Varrientos, Jaime Teutschmann

Bird-window collision research

As part of an international survey of college campuses to find out which conditions in buildings are most hazardous to birds, two biology students surveyed the UW-Platteville campus. See full story.
Student presenters: Elizabeth Tanner, James Nooyen Jr.

Brendan DeBusk

Brendan DeBusk researched a method for producing a 3D nanoscale well pattern. Creating 3D nanoscale patterns is a challenge in nanotechnology, and the applications of this technique are expansive, ranging from the fabrication of lab-on-a-chip devices to non-stick coatings. See full story.
Student presenter: Brendan DeBusk

Flow ability analysis research

Three students in the UW-Platteville Plastics Lab presented research on flow ability analysis and Moldex3D, a product used for plastic injection modeling and simluation. See full story.
Student presenters: Bryce Blackbourn, Kevon Tabrizi, Teng Yang

Paola Martinez

Paola Martinez presented her original graphic novel, "El Lobo de Los Coyotes." Written in Spanish, the graphic novel is about the struggles that individuals face trying to cross the Mexican border into the United States. See full story.
Student presenter: Paola Martinez


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