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April 23, 2015
Posters in the Rotunda students with Ray Cross

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. —Ten University of Wisconsin-Platteville students presented their research at the 12th annual UW System Posters in the Rotunda April 22 in the Capitol Rotunda in Madison, Wis.

Each of the 13 UW System four-year universities as well as UW Colleges and Extension had space on the second floor of the capitol to display their posters and engage in discussions with students, faculty, administrators and legislators.

“I’ve presented posters at other conferences before, but this was way more involved,” said senior Katy Jinkins. “There were a lot of good questions.”

Jess Heitsman and Brittany Roe were happy to discuss their research, entitled “Synthesis of Nanoporous Materials for Gas Capture and Separation.” The pair worked on a surface to separate gas in landfills, with methane permeating the material surface and carbon dioxide being absorbed.

Heitsman said two of her takeaways from the day were “being able to interact with important people, a lot of important people and to communicate in a way that people understand what we are doing.”

Roe added, “It’s exciting to know that they see what we are doing at the university level.”

For more on the other students and their projects, see the individual links below.

Written by: Paul Erickson, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, 608-342-1194,

Andy Woerpel

Andrew Woerpel presented his work in nanosphere lithography, a technique used to create patterns of nanostructures. Woerpel’s nanostructure has potential applications for the practice of spectroscopy, which uses light to examine the properties of samples. See more…

Katy Jinkins

Katherine Jinkins presented research on the effects of humidity on analyzing exfoliated graphene. Researchers commonly use Atomic Force Microscopy to characterize graphene and examine its properties. Jinkins’ research focuses on how outside forces can affect the sample and this process. See more…

Amanda Zasada

Amanda Zasada presented her research on Opera-2-Go, which is an outreach component of Opera Workshop. Opera-2-Go allows university students to work with younger students from area schools. This year Zasada served as assistant director of the program. See more…

students conducting algea research

Christin Selle, Elliot Johnson, and Noah Humfeld presented research on controlling nuisance filamentous algae. The goal of the project is to help local landowners get rid of nuisance algae, but the method they researched could be used for larger aquatic systems as well. See more…

Alecia Knapp

Alecia Knapp presented her research on the effect of vitamin C levels in dairy cows. Knapp compared vitamin C levels to cortisol — the stress hormone — levels in dairy cows; the hypothesis being that the higher producing dairy cows will produce more cortisol because their bodies are under higher stress. If vitamin C controls cortisol then those cows will also produce more Vitamin C. See more...

2015 Posters in the Rotunda


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