Student to present 3D nanoscale research

February 25, 2014
3D Nanoscale Research

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — On March 12, University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Brendan DeBusk, senior mechanical engineering major from Madison, Wis., will attend the 11th annual Posters in the Rotunda event at the Capitol in Madison.

DeBusk is one of nearly 200 selected participants across the UW System who will be presenting his undergraduate research findings with legislators, state leaders and UW alumni. It is DeBusk’s first time attending the Posters in the Rotunda event. He was encouraged to apply by Dr. Yan Wu, assistant professor of engineering physics, and research mentor. “She recommended that I apply, and I’m glad that I did,” said DeBusk.

During his exploration of processes for creating circuitry on the surface of a substrate called polydimethylsiloxane using a combination of photolithography and sputter deposition, DeBusk discovered a method for producing a 3D nanoscale well pattern. “It was at this point that my research took a turn to focus on this pattern creation,” said DeBusk.

Creating 3D nanoscale patterns is a challenge in nanotechnology, and the applications of this technique are expansive, ranging from the fabrication of lab-on-a-chip devices to non-stick coatings. “It's pretty exciting stuff,” he said.

DeBusk will have the opportunity to learn about the research going on throughout the state and to help support Wisconsin students and faculty members who contribute to the state's economic future. He will also have the chance to see other students’ research and talk to state representatives about the research he’s conducted.

“It's an honor to be able to represent my university at such a big event, and being selected to present is reassuring that I'm working on something that could make a difference in the field of technology. It's a wonderful feeling,” said DeBusk.        

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Written by: Carly Willman, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,


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