Sportsman club pistol team earns third place at state championships

July 2, 2013

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — The sportsman club’s pistol team at UW-Platteville attended the first annual Scholastic Pistol Program Wisconsin State Championships.  

The three members who shot were Joe Pecora, a senior industrial technology management major from Monroe, Wis.; Anders Langlo, a sophomore criminal justice major from Geneva, Ill.; and William Meinke, a senior business administration major from Burlington, Wis.

“Overall I won the entire match by eight seconds and I was also top shot on all four stages,” said Pecora. “Anders got second collegiate shooter and seventh overall, and Will Meinke got 32nd. By placing third as a team, we received $11,000 put into our endowment fund, which we use to pay for ammo and travel for matches.”

SPP consists of collegiate and high school teams shooting. There are four stages and each stage consists of five round steel targets at various distances painted white with one plate designated as a stop plate. Each shooter gets five timed runs to shoot the array as fast as possible, in any order as long as the stop plate is shot last. Four of the best five runs are kept and recorded. If a plate is missed and is not made up in 10 seconds, the shooter receives a 10 second penalty, with the maximum amount of time being 30 seconds on any run.

There are two pistol divisions, rimfire (.22 caliber) and also centerfire (9mm). “The match was also split into high school and college divisions,” said Pecora. “There were three colleges who shot: Southwest Tech, UW-Platteville and Madison College, and since we only had a partial team we automatically got third place. Overall, there were around 60 shooters, both high school and college.”

Written by: Eileen McGuine, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,


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