Schubert has enlightening experience in Germany

February 5, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- UW-Platteville student John Schubert enhanced his German minor and his life after spending 12 weeks in Heidelberg, Germany, and completing coursework at the German Intensive School. A native of Rhinelander, Schubert is a fifth-year student majoring in social sciences comprehensive with a history emphasis.

Schubert was inspired to study abroad to see and experience something completely new and different. He also wanted to learn the language in an environment where he would truly need to use it.

While in Germany, Schubert lived on a floor in the Schiller Institute with 14 other people in a coed, dormitory-like setting. His cohabiters came from a variety of different backgrounds including Mexican, Japanese, Swiss, Swedish and American.

Schubert's classes consisted of four hours of German class each day for eight weeks consisting of studying grammar, writing and speaking.

Schubert's most memorable experience while studying abroad was traveling. He spent a week before classes started and toured Frankfurt, Strasbourg and France. Following his completion of classes, he traveled for another three weeks visiting a total of 31 cities including Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Weimar, Erfurt, Munich, the Alps and Luxembourg.

"I saw so much; I am still just comprehending it all. It was the most fun and just one large experience in itself," Schubert said. "If there is one thing a student must do there, it is they must plan a week just to see what the world holds. It is an enlightening experience."

Schubert said the UWP Study Abroad Office did a wonderful job with preparatory information and lining up the program. When asked if he would recommend the study abroad program to other students and why he replied, "Most definitely. It will probably be the most fun and exhilarating thing you've done yet. It is something that no one who has a chance should pass up."


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