Rountree Commons earns sustainability award

June 14, 2013
Rountree Commons

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Rountree Commons residence hall has been awarded the Platinum GreenStone Sustainability Award from Capstone On-Campus Management. The GreenStone Awards are granted annually to Capstone On-Campus student housing communities in recognition of their high level of sustainability efforts, with platinum being the most distinguished level of recognition.

Capstone On-Campus communities compete annually in the GreenStone Sustainability Program. The program checklist includes 37 sustainability-related projects that can typically be completed by a student housing community, as well as the option to add eight “innovation” projects of the site’s choosing. In addition, there are four prerequisite items such as offering recycling and setting sustainability goals, that all sites are expected to meet. Communities report their progress each November. If the community achieves the minimum score, it’s assigned a rating of Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Rountree Commons opened in August 2012 to serve UW-Platteville’s need for additional on-campus student housing. The UW-Platteville Real Estate Foundation placed great emphasis on creating a building that incorporates and reflects a strong focus on “green” initiatives. According to Bill Kloster, director of the Real Estate Foundation, “From the beginning, Rountree Commons was designed to be sustainable, yet be affordable for students attending UW-Platteville. We constantly worked to keep quality high and operational costs low, yet stay within the affordability range.”

Rountree Commons exhibits superior sustainability practices throughout the 153,068-square-foot facility, which houses 620 students.

Rountree Commons earned credit for 87 percent of the GreenStone Program’s 37 sustainability-related projects. A few of the noteworthy programs that are part of their focused efforts are low impact exterior maintenance that requires minimal or no watering; the use of “green” cleaning products in the facility; minimally invasive indoor pest management chemicals and the use of EPEAT Gold certified computer systems products. Rountree Commons also scored high in the “innovative project” area for the sustainable systems that are included throughout the building’s design.

Capstone On-Campus is committed to fostering sustainability initiatives at each of the 23 student housing developments managed across the country. “We are pleased with the successful initiatives demonstrated by Rountree Commons and know that their efforts are making an impact in their local community and beyond,” said David Braden, regional manager for Capstone On-Campus.

Contact: Bill Kloster, director, Real Estate Foundation, (608) 342-1231,

Formatted by: Dan Wackershauser, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,


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UW-Platteville Campus Update - Rountree Commons Sustainability Award

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