Ronald Thomas receives two master's degrees

August 12, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - Earning two master's degrees can be hard enough let alone while trying to balance work, a family and all of the activities that come along with the two. Ronald Thomas recently received a master's degree in engineering in 2002 and a master's degree in project management in 2003 without attending classes at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Thomas earned his degrees from the distance education online program that was established in 1999. He began his coursework, which was entirely online, in the fall of 2000.

Thomas learned about the UWP online program from the human resource department at Greenheck Fan Company in Wausau, where he is currently employed. He had previously received his undergraduate degree in engineering and soon found while completing his engineering master's degree that a project management master's degree would complement his skills. It would also be only a couple of additional classes from the engineering coursework.

"Engineering has a lot of management aspects and with a project management degree it gives me recognition of being management and an engineer," Thomas said.

Thomas spent many hours at night staying up late to catch up on his coursework or staying a couple extra hours at work to get as far ahead as he could. While his wife would spend Saturday shopping, he would be home working on assignments.

"I was able to apply many of the techniques and strategies that I was taught in my classes, especially the quality management course," Thomas said. "It gave me an increased understanding of how and why things should be done."

"It's amazing how well a group can work together while working in an entirely online environment," Thomas said.

Ronald credits a lot of his achievements and success while balancing family, work and school to planning ahead.

"I always had a schedule in front of me so I could see what assignments I had done and what I had yet to do."

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