Rain did not dampen 26th Schwetzingen Day

May 7, 2003

Schwetzingen Day at UWP last year was the scene of merriment and music.

PLATTEVILLE-Schwetzingen Day is one of those surprises that make a small campus like the University of Wisconsin-Platteville shine. And although the sun chose to hide behind rain clouds, the 26th annual event sparkled.

UWP bands and choirs performed with gusto, and one could almost visualize the German village of Schwetzingen where Mozart performed as a 7-year-old prodigy.

Besides music, edibles were in abundance with brats, international food, bake sale items, smoothies and root beer floats to cheer the throng of students who found time between classes to take in the ambience.

The Pioneer Crossing in the student center resonated with shrieks, screams and yells as "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas," a Broadway medley, caused many to cover their ears.

Jason Christensen of the Twin Cities, a sophomore majoring in civil engineering, said he liked the varied sounds of the 13 bands and choirs. Christensen plays acoustic guitar in his free time. "The music sounds good," he said.

Sophomore business administration major, Jared Larson, listened to the music between bites of breakfast. Although the sounds were different from his musical passion - rock - Larson said he enjoyed it. Larson's love of music spills over in his free time when he plays bass in a local rock band, "Gin and Sin."

On the main level, groups set up displays and sold items for fund raising. Several Farmhouse fraternity students sold ice cream for fun and profit.

Farmhouse vice president Kevin Sukow, a junior from Watertown, said his fraternity liked to provide services for the community. The Farmhouse, which has 11 residents in a house near campus, is geared for agriculture, engineering and industrial studies students and has a membership of 30. "We're hoping to raise some money today." The rainy weather was affecting the crowd level, he added.

A UWP tradition and harbinger of spring, the day is named after the German town of Schwetzingen. A music historian, Charles Burney, arrived in Schwetzingen several years ago where he was delighted to learn the streets were filled with music.

Fine Arts Department Chair G. Daniel Fairchild heads up the annual event. The late Roland Anfinson, then chair of the UWP music department, brought the spirit of that German town to Platteville 26 years ago, said Fairchild.


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