Pulse 200 Demonstration at Pioneer Farm

April 9, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - The University of Wisconsin-Platteville hosted a Pulse 200 Demonstration at the Pioneer Farm on Thursday, March 27. The Pulse 200 is a revolutionary needle-free injection system for use on animals. Frank Kruse, vice president of the animal products for Felton International, gave a demonstration on pigs and cattle. 4-H students then held a cattle clinic, which was concluded by the National Agri-Marketing Association presentation.

"This new technology will make vaccinating herds a much simpler and quicker task by eliminating the needle from the entire process," said Kevin Bernhardt of the UWP School of Agriculture.

This technology helps to increase bio-security and cut spreading of disease because it does not use a needle (usually one needle is used to vaccinate potentially dozens of animals spreading disease rapidly.) The Pulse 200 injects medicine with air instead of a needle.

The product looks like a vest with carbon dioxide tanks attached to the back and a hose with an air gun attached to it.

The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) here on campus is using the Pulse 200 product for its competition this month. The students in the club thought that a demonstration could benefit the University as well as the entire community. The demonstration will also help the students of NAMA see the product, which they will be marketing, in action.

NAMA, along with the Pre-Veterinary Club and the Block and Bridle Club invited nearly every producer and veterinarian in the animal agriculture in the surrounding counties.

"This event is being held to bring the community together with the students and to showcase some of what the Pioneer Farm has to offer," said Jamie Williams, NAMA president.


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