Professors Brooke and Yang teach in Taiwan

September 25, 2013
Dr. Wendy Brooke and Dr. Qi Yang stand in front of the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan.

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — This summer, University of Wisconsin-Platteville professors, Dr. Wendy Brooke and Dr. Qi Yang taught in Taipei, Taiwan. Brooke is an assistant professor in the business and accounting department and Yang is a computer science and software engineering professor. Their trip included the Annual World Business Conference, teaching five-week classes at the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei and experiencing both a typhoon and an earthquake.

Brooke began her visit to Taiwan with a conference, which hosts an international session for professionals to share their research with others and for professionals to see how Taipei contributes to international business.

Attendees met with the vice premier of Taipei, the former president of Acer, and many officials. They also had the opportunity to visit the HTC national headquarters in Taipei to learn its role in international business. The conference also showcased Taiwan culture through aboriginal dances, food and atmosphere.

The second part of Brooke and Yang’s trip consisted of teaching five-week courses at the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei. Professors from the United States taught all classes, speaking English and using English textbooks. The classes consisted of Chinese and Taiwanese students, who study in North America and wanted to continue their education through the summer. These classes can then be transferred to their university.

This was the first year that classes were offered at the Fu Jen Catholic University. Students were from universities in Germany, Montreal, South Korea, United States and Vancouver.

While Brooke and Yang were in Taipei, they experienced a typhoon and an earthquake. During the typhoon, classes were canceled, but the Taiwanese citizens were not worried about the inclement weather. “The locals told us to stay in our hotel, and wait out the storm,” said Brooke. Earthquakes are also a common occurrence in Taipei, as it sits over 42 different fault lines. This was a phenomenon the American teachers had never been through before, but it did not disturb their class schedule.

Brooke taught three, five-week classes while she was in Taipei. All of her classes were on accounting or marketing and were all at the introduction level. Yang taught two classes; Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java.

Both Brooke and Yang agree that their trip to Taipei was a great experience and that Taiwan is a wonderful place. Yang commented that it was a “nice experience for me and my wife, and we may go there again next year.” Brooke observed that “everyone in Taipei was very friendly” and they wanted to make everyone’s experience in Taipei the best it could be.

Contact: Wendy Brooke, Business and Accounting, (608) 342-6049, and Qi Yang, Computer Science and Software Engineering, (608) 342-1418,

Written by: Megan Schmidt, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,


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