Professor Kraemer Joins Team at UWP

November 7, 2002

PLATTEVILLE- The University of Wisconsin-Platteville welcomes an assistant professor of mechanical engineering possessing knowledge of "dynamic" proportion.

David Kraemer, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in 1991. He earned a master of science degree in naval architecture from the University of Michigan in 1993 and a master of science degree in 1996 from Johns Hopkins University in civil engineering.

He obtained a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in civil engineering in 2000.

While attending Johns Hopkins University, Kraemer took a year off to teach at the U.S. Navel Academy in Maryland. Upon completion of his doctoral work, Kraemer taught for one year at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

"I wanted to try my hand at teaching and confirm that it was what I wanted to do, to really get an appreciation for it," said Kraemer.

Kraemer is teaching dynamics, fluid dynamics and mechanical systems lab this semester.

With such a variety of degrees, and eclectic interests, Kraemer feels that he can bring a wide spectrum of knowledge and applicable principles to the classroom.

"My dissertation was actually on waves-to-energy conversions, so that's not something that you see or use everyday," said Kraemer.

Using computer demonstrations and computer simulations, Kraemer feels that he will be able to make such abstract ideas, like that of water-to-energy conversions, come to life.

Kraemer has become involved on campus as the advisor for the Platteville Paintball Club and Phi Tau Sigma, the mechanical engineering honor society.

Kraemer said he enjoys living in Platteville, enjoys small-town life and said that the students on campus have been very courteous and hardworking.

"I decided to come to UW-Platteville because it had exactly what I was looking for, a focused mechanical engineering undergraduate degree. My wife and I wanted to be closer to family in Iowa as well," said Kraemer.

David and his wife, Theresa, have been married six years.

In his free time, Kraemer has been working on his newly acquired home in Platteville. In addition, he enjoys sailing, but said he feels like "a fish out of water" in Wisconsin as he is originally from Maryland. However, he found access to a couple of boats at a lake near Madison, and hopes to spend some time there.


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