PostSecret Live coming to UW-Platteville

December 2, 2016
UW-Platteville campus

PLATTEVILLE, Wis – Mental health is an issue that affects nearly everyone. At PostSecret Live on Monday, Dec. 5, University of Wisconsin-Platteville students and community members will be given an outlet for the secrets that they feel unable to share and a chance to begin a conversation on mental health. Frank Warren, the creator of the PostSecret project, will speak at 7 p.m. in Velzy Commons, Ullsvik Hall.

PostSecret is a project in which people write their secrets on postcards and send them anonymously to an address. The secrets are then posted on the PostSecret website and may be published in books so other people can read them. The postcard project is aimed at supporting mental health by providing an outlet for people to tell the secrets that they feel unable to share with the people around them. “The secrets are 100 percent anonymous, but when you find a secret you connect with, even though you don’t know who wrote it, there is a sense that you’re not alone in whatever battle you are fighting, and that can make all the difference,” said Megan Kubatzke, a senior reclamation major.

Kubatzke and Hannah Pease, a senior political science and business administration major, have been working towards bringing Warren to campus to speak for the last year. During their time as students at UW-Platteville, they saw a need for a conversation about mental health and the issues surrounding it. “We consider mental health the last taboo. Everyone says our society has a mental health problem, but who is willing to step up and try to fix it? We are all too scared to talk about the elephant in the room,” said Pease.

PostSecret Live at UW-Platteville was made possible through a grant from the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, an organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that works to assist people struggling with depression and raise awareness of the disease.

Pease and Kubatzke credit members of Student Senate with helping them bring Warren to UW-Platteville and setting up the event. Matthew Castelaz, president of Student Senate, said, “Student Senate sees a need to pursue the best interests of our entire student body and mental health awareness is something that impacts many of us on so many different levels. Even if it does not directly impact students who have dealt with their own mental health matters, it is important to have the knowledge as a bystander to help someone who is struggling.”

Members of Student Senate hope that PostSecret Live will not only raise awareness of mental health issues, but help students and community members connect with resources that can help them. Hannah Muehlenkamp, director of financial affairs for Student Senate, said, “I think this event will highlight the resources that we have on our campus that people may not be aware of and point students towards the resources that they need.”

Pease, Kubatzke and members of Student Senate have distributed postcards throughout academic buildings on the UW-Platteville campus, in Platteville High School and in businesses in the community. The postcards have one blank side where participants can write a secret. After the secret is written, the postcards can be mailed to the address provided on the back of the card or deposited in one of the black boxes that have been set up in numerous locations around the university campus and Platteville. The locations of the boxes can be found on the PostSecret Live with Frank Warren event page on Facebook or on posters hanging around campus.

On Monday, Dec. 5, the postcard drop boxes will be collected and all of the secrets will be hung in Velzy Commons. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for anyone interested in reading the secrets beforehand. Warren will speak at 7 p.m. in Velzy Commons. The event is free and open to all UW-Platteville students, faculty and members of the community.

Written by: Emily Drews, Student Writer, Communications, 608-342-1194,


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