Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Rami Reddy

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Pioneer Spotlight
Dr. Rami Reddy
February 17, 2017
India winterim

Some of us aspire to be astronauts, some of us aspire to become a professional athlete. Dr. Rami Reddy, coordinator and professor of agribusiness, knew from day one he wanted to be a part of the agriculture field. He grew up on a rural farm in India. He is a people person, who likes to talk; sitting and doing lab work is not meant for him. He is action oriented, and loves to make observations and do experiments to get results in hopes of a discovery to apply later on. Reddy earned his degrees in both business and agriculture in India and the United States before he came to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1999.

You decided to earn a degree in marketing after getting your agriculture degree. What inspired you to do that?

After finishing my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, I came to know that most of the jobs that interested me were in the business field, such as selling feed, seed fertilizers and farm machinery. I briefly joined plant pathology, but did not enjoy working with microscopes or the lab work involved with it. Quickly, I made a decision to alter courses and join the business school, which I loved.

What ways have you contributed to the marketing field?

Right now I teach and train students on commodity and price analysis. In the past I have taken students to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual convention in Omaha, Nebraska to hear the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet. During the 2016 Winterim, 11 students and I went to the Food and Agricultural Marketing Convention in India. That was a great cultural experience for both the students and me. Recently, my ginger project has taken way, which is a challenge to grow a new crop in Southwest Wisconsin. Those are some of my bigger contributions since entering the marketing field, but there are also speakers and small trips students have had the chance to experience and learn from as well.

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching?

Outside of teaching I enjoy playing tennis, practicing Yoga and Tang Soo Do, which is a Korean martial art, and traveling extensively within the United States and other countries. When I do sit down to relax for a bit, I like to watch the food and travel channels besides business, news and sports. Often I find myself engaging in social media to talk and stay connected with friends and family in India. I love to learn about different religions, but I’m greatly influenced by and try to practice Buddhism when I can.

You have been at Platteville since 1999, what do you attribute to your longevity?

I have been blessed with an amazing job and co-workers here at UW-Platteville. For me as an international citizen, the whole world is my playing field. But somewhere, we have to settle. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” is a saying I live by. Family and community matter the most to me, hence a small place such as Platteville.

What do you always hope students take away from your classes?

I hope students take away that the world is not fair; be fair to yourself and others. Secondly I hope they all strive to be the best they can be and to become a good, productive individual. It is important to keep learning and develop unlimited capacity to imbibe every drop of knowledge that comes in your way. Have a single, determined focus and develop the capacity to excel in your chosen area. Love what you do, do not fear, always change and challenge things.

Interview conducted by Danielle Kobriger, student writer, Communications. To nominate someone for the Pioneer Spotlight, contact


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