Pioneer Spotlight: Doug Stephens

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Pioneer Spotlight
Doug Stephens
March 14, 2014

Doug Stephens has been employed as campus planner at UW-Platteville since 2001. He recently led the development of the 20-year master plan, which details building expansion, additions and deletions.

What does a campus planner do?

I do several things: coordinate long-range facility planning, develop the biennial capital facility budget, serve as liaison for on-campus projects, administrate environmental affairs and serve as space manager.

That’s a lot of hats. Which one do you like best?

It’s funny; when I first started, my job description said as campus planner I should work closely with the space manager. It was supposed to be two positions. Some days, we don’t get along. Seriously, I like working with the people across campus. I’m not excited about the job because I like buildings, but rather because I like working together collaboratively with people.

You recently completed the master plan. Was there anything that surprised you?

People said it would be a lot of work. I thought I knew that, but it really was a lot more than I anticipated. The plan involves both high levels and minute levels of detail. During the process, we tightened up the time frame. It was challenging and also very exciting.

How exciting is it for you when you see the construction of a new building that you have been planning?

It is, but sometimes when we break ground, it’s anticlimactic for me. Once we break ground, I’m already far into the next several projects. 

You have been here for some major projects, like the student center, Southwest Hall and Engineering Hall. Do you have a favorite?

Right now, my favorite project is the new classroom in Doudna Hall. That’s a great classroom. Boebel Hall Phase 1 Renovation is another. These are my favorite projects because each was the outcome of applied integrated planning, which involved many people working creatively and strategically together, with great collaboration and communication throughout these projects.

​Interview conducted by: Paul Erickson, University Information and Communications.
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