Pioneer Spotlight: Bryan Mulligan

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Pioneer Spotlight
October 20, 2017
Bryan Mulligan

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Bryan Mulligan moved to Platteville to enjoy the rural scenery and quiet life of Wisconsin. Mulligan, who is the web developer for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, attended Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois, studied for a semester in Canterbury, England earning an Associate of Arts, and has a marketing certificate from University of Wisconsin-Madison. When he has free time, Mulligan spends it outdoors with his family or uses zymology to make his own beer, yogurt, and kombucha.

How did you become interested in web development?

When working as a marketing assistant in 2003, I was asked to make edits to the company website. I quickly took flight and was soon promoted with additional duties. In 2005, I started my own business focusing on web design and development.

What are your primary duties as the web developer for UW-Platteville?

My primary duties include troubleshooting web questions for content stewards, building webpages and sites for departments and students, and thinking strategically about better technologies we can utilize or ways to accomplish a task easier. I have a student staff of five and we are mighty!

What is your future vision for the UW-Platteville website?

We are currently upgrading our website to its latest stable version of Drupal 8.0, Along with this upgrade, the web development office has created an application programming interface so that we can expand our integrations of systems in one location. With all that we are planning to separate audiences: prospective students, current students, alumni and friends, community members, and faculty and staff to different sites that have content served specifically to them.

You are a supervisor for the student web development team. What are the duties of that team?

My team is important to the success of the web development office. I have five team members and each one has a role. They help with website requests like editing pages or structuring content, fixing 404 errors every month, problem solving technical issues through group thinking, all while being awesome to work with.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of working at UW-Platteville is that there is such a great opportunity to meet and learn with people who have wonderful things to offer. I also enjoy watching the growth of the students as they learn new coding languages or techniques that they never thought they’d use.


Interview conducted by Olivia Joehl, Student Writer, Communications. To nominate someone for the Pioneer Spotlight, contact


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