Petal Pushers bouquets brighten offices at UWP

February 5, 2003

PLATTEVILLE--The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Horticulture Club hopes to have found a new way to brighten the days of students and employees throughout the UWP campus and raise money at the same time.

The group intends to hold a Petal Pushers sale where they would sell bouquets of flowers to be delivered to anyone on campus. These fresh floral bouquets can be contracted to be delivered bi-weekly or monthly to anywhere on campus. The Horticulture Club hopes to raise money to help purchase floral supplies for the floral evaluation team practices.

"Each year we spend $700 -1,000 on materials to practice for the National Floral Evaluation Contest and other contests. This money comes directly out of the Horticulture Clubs funds and we're looking for a way to reduce that large of a loss each year," said Michael Compton, the Horticulture Club advisor. "More materials and practice will help us to be more competitive at upcoming contests, because we'll be able to study a wider variety of flowers and plants prior to the contests."

Last year the club placed fifth out of 15 schools at the national contest held at UW-River Falls.

So far the Petal Pushers sale has raised more than $300 for the Horticulture Club to put toward expenses for competition practices. The 15 members will arrange and deliver the flowers.

Bi-weekly deliveries are $75. Included are eight deliveries, which will be made every other Monday until May 1. Monthly deliveries are $40 and are distributed the first Monday of each month. All deliveries will begin on Monday Feb. 3. The bouquets will vary from each delivery date at the discretion of the UWP Horticulture Club.

For further information, contact Horticulture Club President Maggie Hinderman at 342-1616 or email her at


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