PACCE projects on display at Engagement Poster Day

April 26, 2013

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — More than 800 students involved in university and community projects through the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement displayed their work during the bi-annual Engagement Poster Day on Wednesday, April 24. The event was held in Velzy Commons in Ullsvik Hall.

This spring, 835 students participated in PACCE projects and 100 posters were presented.  

In addition to the students, there were 61 community partners who facilitated the projects.

"For me personally, and I believe this is true for all faculty and instructional staff, this is the payoff,” said Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, director of PACCE. “It re-energizes your batteries. You can't walk out of here and not be enthused. We have 835 students all in one place, ready to talk about their projects. When you work hard on something, you love to hear the accolades. So, it's great to have all these faculty, staff and community members turn out."

The projects covered a multitude of topics ranging from human trafficking in Wisconsin to renovation of the Platteville Municipal Building.

Nathan Kearns’ project involved constructing an upright body walker for the Baycare Clinic. His community partner for the project was WiSys Technology Foundation, Inc.

The body walker, which includes a spring design, is a $150 add-on piece to a traditional walker. The patient’s arms slide under the c-shaped apparatus.

"The biggest thing was making it easy, so there won't be a lot of putting it together for people who are recovering from a hip injury or something like that,” said Kearns. “We also want to keep it cheap. Medical costs are pretty high."

Kearns spent the first part of the semester learning customer wishes and formulating designs. "We're not just sitting in the classroom; we're getting out,” he said. “It really brings what we're doing full-circle and shows why we're doing what we do."

Adam Watkins worked on a project to make the city’s Rountree Trail more accessible by changing its route. “It is great to get out there and design something,” he said. “Hopefully, this will get built.”

Chris Vang worked with American Society and Technology in Chicago, Ill. on injection molding products made from lignin. Vang performed various tests and produced 16 samples. “This is a really good way for students to get involved with campus and with the community,” he said. “It gets us out there and puts our knowledge to work.”

Contact: Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, PACCE, (608) 342-1365,

Written by: Paul Erickson and Dan Wackershauser, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194, or


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