Oftedahl seizes international study opportunity

January 27, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- UW-Platteville student Michael Oftedahl, a native of Barron, will travel to Sweden to continue his education in business administration at Jönköping University. A senior at UWP, Oftedahl decided to study internationally because he felt it would be beneficial to see international business procedures and be exposed to a different culture and value system.

"The trip will be an adventure," said Oftedahl. "I couldn't pass up the opportunity for this once in a lifetime experience." Oftedahl is one of three UWP students attending Jönköping University during the spring semester.

Oftedahl felt that Jönköping University would be a good transition from UWP as it is a comparable campus with a population of about 7,800 students. Class size was not a concern for Oftedahl as they should be similar to UWP. Jönköping University was founded in 1994.

Classes Oftedahl will be taking include Swedish language, culture and society, intercultural communication and cultural encounters and influences.

"Most of my family originates from Norway," said Oftedahl. "Since I am so close geographically, I hope to research my family heritage."

Oftedahl will fly from Minneapolis to Iceland. From Iceland he will fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. He will then travel via train to Jönköping, Sweden.

Oftedahl began his journey Friday, Jan. 10, and plans to return in June.

"I will have the chance to compare educational systems, travel, gain knowledge and experience and try something different," said Oftedahl.


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