Nohr Gallery honors namesake with a challenge

Harry Nohr Envelope Design Challenge

The Harry and Laura Nohr Gallery is honoring the gallery’s namesake, Harry Nohr, by hosting an envelope design challenge. Artists of all ages and abilities are welcome to create a design on an envelope and mail it to Harry Nohr at the gallery by July 7.

“Even though Nohr Gallery doesn’t necessarily have public visiting hours over the summer, there are still ways to stay engaged with us,” said Cameren Hill, Nohr Gallery manager.

Participants of the Harry Nohr Envelope Design Challenge are tasked to use an envelope as their canvas to create a work of art. The envelope’s final design may include anything appropriate to the university environment, but it is preferred that submissions incorporate themes related to the outdoors, animals or conservation.

According to the 1977 Wisconsin Academy Review, Harry Nohr served as the Iowa County postmaster in Mineral Point, Wisconsin from 1949 until his retirement in 1965. Nohr was an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. Amongst many pursuits, he served on Wisconsin Conservation Congress for eight terms between 1942 and 1953, was the leader of the Mineral Point and Iowa County conservation clubs, and played a key role in bringing what is known today as Governor Dodge State Park into existence.

“Designing on an envelope is the perfect way to tie in a part of Harry Nohr’s legacy to the stories we are telling in the existing permanent collection space, while also adding a true community aspect to it,” said Hill. “Harry Nohr’s wood bowls were a labor of love. They were not only intended to be beautiful, but he wanted them to be useful and accessible. I want people to look at these envelopes and feel that they are a part of the gallery environment too.”

While the gallery plans to showcase all the envelopes for visitors to enjoy, only one will be guaranteed a space near the permanent collection exhibit for at least one year. The followers of the Nohr Gallery social media communities will be tasked with reviewing the envelope submissions and voting for the People’s Choice Award.

Those interested in participating in the challenge have until July 7 to make their final envelope submission. Envelopes may be mailed to Nohr Gallery or dropped off at the submission box outside the gallery door in the lower level of Ullsvik Hall on the UW-Platteville main campus. Those interested in voting for the People’s Choice Award should follow Nohr Gallery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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