National Science Foundation Noyce Grant awarded to ‘Grow Your Own’ STEM program

Written by Dr. Jodean Grunow, College of EMS on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 08:17 |

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville was awarded a National Science Foundation Noyce Capacity Building grant. With the $120,000 funding, Dr. Tim Deis, professor of mathematics; Dr. Jodean Grunow, senior lecturer of mathematics and EMS fellow; and Dr. Leigh Monhardt, professor of education, will work with school districts, administrators, and STEM teachers to identify motivated STEM students who express an interest in pursuing a STEM career and teaching certification in a STEM field. As envisioned, the program will “grow your own.” 

“These ‘students of promise’ who have aptitudes for becoming potential teachers, when identified, will be encouraged and advised regarding the advantages of STEM teaching and would then have the opportunity to enroll in dual-credit education courses that offer both high school and college credit,” said Deis.

The recommending teachers, identified students and their parents, and involved university personnel will form a cohort that will work with and support the students through their senior year and as they apply and matriculate to the university. 

The effort will have both internal and external advisory boards and will encompass the three UW-Platteville campuses, the CESAs in which the universities are located, and Department of Public Instruction representation. The grant investigators will be meeting with administrators and CESA personnel at early fall sessions. Connection will then be made with STEM teachers to begin the identification process. 

When informed of this promising program, STEM in-service teachers involved in summer courses were enthusiastic and noted that they would have benefited from a similar program. The early college credit, the backing by high school and university staff, and the support of the cohort were especially noted. 

Administrators, STEM teachers, interested parents, and high school STEM students who might be interested in the program are urged to contact the following grant investigators. Places in the program are limited.

Dr. Tim Deis (; 608-342-1948)

Dr. Jodean Grunow (; 608-342-1009)

Dr. Leigh Monhardt (; 608-342-6004)