Nagasaki Students experience the customs at UWP

March 3, 2003

PLATTEVILLE - Fourteen students from the two-year junior college of foreign language in Nagasaki, Japan, have recently arrived at UW-Platteville to expand their English skills and continue their education.

Each of the students had to complete at least one year at the Foreign Language School and go through an interview process in order to be eligible for the program.

Following their arrival at Chicago O'Hare Airport on Feb. 14, the Nagasaki students and their professor were met by UWP Student Services members and escorted to Platteville where they met their host families.

Along with living in the resident halls, each of the Nagasaki students has been matched up with a host family in the area to experience the customs and lifestyles of American families. The host families take in the students for their first weekend at UWP, during spring break, at the end of the semester and occasionally throughout the semester to experience family activities.

Each of the Nagasaki students resides on-campus with an American roommate and have been paired with a conversation partner. The roommates and conversation partners are encouraged to take the Nagasaki students with them on everyday excursions such as running to stores, the post office or grocery shopping. The conversation partners are each UWP students fulfilling class requirements for specific courses, gaining personal experience or getting to know the Nagasaki students just for fun.

While at UWP, each Nagasaki student is taking 12 credits in a slightly shortened semester. At the Foreign Language School, the semester starts later in the year and finishes further into the spring. Having arrived at UWP with basic English skills, the students are enrolled in English based courses to provide them with more practice along, with American literature, American history and social sciences classes to expose and educate them about American customs.

Besides attending classes, the Nagasaki students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of field trips. These field trips include the Mississippi River Museum, the Wisconsin State Capitol, local public schools and different areas on campus such as the UWP Children's Center. During spring break, the Nagasaki Study Program is planning a six-day trip to Minneapolis to visit a travel college, the Mall of America and other cultural locations of interest.

The Nagasaki students will be at UWP through the end of the semester. Following classes they will wrap up their experience with a final trip, spend time with their host families and depart for Japan during Memorial Day weekend. Upon returning to Nagasaki, the students will fulfill their study at the Foreign Language School, writing a report and taking an exam regarding their experiences at UWP.


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