Music students work with Platteville Children's Chorale

March 4, 2014
Platteville Children's Choir

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — Five students from the Department of Performing and Visual Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will be participating in a Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement sponsored project with the Platteville Children’s Chorale. Each student will work with one of the children’s choirs to provide a hands-on learning experience while working with music professionals.

The partnership between UW-Platteville and the Platteville Chorale was created a few decades ago and the recent addition of the Platteville Chorale Children’s Choir has added to the program. UW-Platteville allows the Platteville Chorale to practice in Doudna Hall as well as the Center for the Arts.

After the addition of the children’s choir, “it seemed like a perfect spot for student internships,” said G. Daniel Fairchild, professor of music at UW-Platteville.

One of the requirements to receive the PACCE grant is that the project must encourage community involvement.

“What makes our program unique from other schools, is that students get this experience before they graduate. This way they are more comfortable when they begin their student teaching,” said Fairchild.

The students who will be working on this year’s PACCE project are Emma Bernhagen, a senior instrumental, vocal and general music education major from Cazenovia, Wis.; Megan King, a junior music education major from Mondovi, Wis.; Gwendolyn Haag, a sophomore vocal performance major from Waunakee, Wis.; Sara Mueller, a sophomore general and choral music education and vocal performance major from Forestville, Wis.; and Andrew Jonas, a senior vocal, instrumental and general music education major from Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

“I was thrilled to get the opportunity of a hands on experience with the Platteville Children's Choirs,” said Hagg. “I wanted to know how different age groups are approached when being taught choral literature in hopes that I would find the age group I would like to teach in the future.”

Students will be working with music professionals from the surrounding public school districts. These professionals include Rochelle Edge, Luanne Rogers, Marcia Russell, Dr. Trey Davis and Gregory Dennis. Accompanists include Kathy Wagner, Beverly Mattingly, Terri Ellis and Kristi Hart.

“I hope to continue to build a relationship with the singers, help them grow through music, and help them achieve greatness in their final performance to showcase all of their hard work. This opportunity has been such a joy and I have had fun watching the kids grow,” said Mueller.

Each student will conduct, teach and have one-on-one lessons with the children’s choir members. The UW-Platteville students will be responsible for taking one piece of music from start to finish. This includes teaching the children the piece, working with them on it and then conducting it during a performance. “They really get to know these kids over the semester and get to experience their growth as well as their challenges,” said Fairchild.  

Students will have their poster on display during the PACCE poster day, to show everyone what they have accomplished over the year. “Participating in this internship is an honor for these students. These students are hand-selected to participate and they take it seriously,” said Fairchild.

Contact: G. Daniel Fairchild, professor of music,

Written by: Megan Schmidt, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,


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