Involvement in UWP prepares for post-graduation

December 8, 2003

PLATTEVILLE-When Griffin Roberts first visited the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, over four and a half years ago, he met Dr. Art Ranney, the advisor of the campus newspaper, the Exponent.

"He impressed me right away as a person with potential," Ranney said.

Roberts, a native of Burlington, came to UWP with intentions of going into the broadcasting field however he soon realized that he would enjoy the public relations emphasis more. "It was an easy switch since most of the communication classes count for many of the emphases," Roberts said.

Roberts is well known around campus for his involvement with the Exponent.

"I stopped him in the stairwell mid-way through his sophomore year here and all but demanded that he become involved in the Exponent," Ranney said. "Fortunately for me and the Exponent, Griff took my advice and got involved. He spent two years as advertising manager and did a great job in boosting sales and organizing the office."

Roberts suggests to many potential students as well as current students to have at least one thing that gets you involved on campus. It will open up so many doors for you.

In the summer, Roberts completed his internship as an account executive at the Southern Lake Newspapers. After graduation this month, Roberts hopes to take a little time off and then pursue a career in advertising and sales.

"I don't have anything holding me down right now. If there's a job that I'm interested in, I'm willing to go anywhere," Roberts said.

While at UWP, Roberts took in many features of the campus. "I enjoy the outdoors and all the options that the Platteville area has to offer. It's a beautiful campus and a small and friendly environment."

Roberts was surprised at first to how friendly and welcoming the faculty on campus is. They were always willing to make arrangements, answer questions as well as suggest improvements.

"Griffin is an interesting student with a fun sense of humor," said Dr. B.J. Reed, chair of the communication technologies department. "He exhibits simple courtesies of a professionalism that will benefit him in the future."

Roberts' last advice for students as well as adults, "Always be willing to learn from whoever you can learn from, whether it be faculty, friends, guest speakers, etc. Make the most of your time at UWP."


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