Horrific Crime Scene Revisited event to take place during Homecoming

October 3, 2014

PLATTEVILLE, Wis.–The fourth annual Horrific Crime Scene Revisited will take place during Homecoming activities at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

The recreated crime scene is organized by the Criminal Justice Association at UW-Platteville and will be constructed at the Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House.

UW-Platteville’s FICSH was established in 2010 and is considered a rarity, as only a select few universities in the United States have this resource to use as a teaching method.

The scene is open to UW-Platteville students, staff, faculty and surrounding community members interested in learning more about historic crimes and criminal investigation.

This year’s revisited crime is being kept a secret until the exhibit opens. Past-recreated crimes include the case of Jeffrey McDonald, Amanda Knox, as well as the crime involving James and Dennis Gage.

“I can say this year’s case is fairly well-known,” said Michael Unser, forensic liaison of the Criminal justice Association. “We have decided that with moving it to Homecoming that we would tie it in with the theme of ‘Platteville Goes Hollywood.’ So it’s a relatively famous case.”

The Horrific Crime Scene Revisited is an event that typically occurs around Halloween. However, the decision was made to incorporate it during Homecoming to spark more interest and entice alumni to attend.

After patrons make their way through the house and observe the crime scene, they are encouraged to go to the basement.

“Downstairs will be equipped with a set-up of information regarding the case,” said Unser. “There will be more details such as newspaper articles, trial transcripts and the results of the case if it has been settled.”

Approximately 500 people attended last year’s Horrific Crime Scene Revisited. Event programmers, which include Unser as well as Criminal Justice Lecturer Dana Cecil, and former Criminal Justice Association president Daniel Wipperfurth, are trying out new tactics to appeal to a diverse audience.

“This year we are going to try and vary it up a little and give people of different levels of forensic investigation different bits of information and just see how that goes,” said Unser.

The event will take place at the FICSH, located at 29065 College Farm Road in Platteville. Hours of operation will be from 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 9 and from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11.

Admission will be free. However, there will be a donation box in which all funds will directly benefit the Criminal Justice Association to offset the cost of the crime scene construction.

Written by: Shelby Le Duc, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, 608-342-1194, leducs@uwplatt.edu


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