Hensel Phelps supports UWP industrial studies program

December 15, 2006

Pictured from left to right are Duane Ford, Angie Gasior, Chancellor David Markee, Dick Klawiter, Harmon Anderson, Alison Daase and Dennis Cooley.

PLATTEVILLE - The Hensel Phelps Construction Company, which has its corporate office in Greeley, Colo., and district offices throughout the country, recently made a gift to the UWP Foundation Industrial Studies Building Construction Fund. The gift will assist the industrial studies program to send students to national building construction management conferences and competitions.

Harmon Anderson, operations manager for the company and a 1982 graduate of the building construction management program at UWP, and Alison Daase, a 2005 BCM graduate and now an office engineer at Hensel Phelps, traveled to Platteville to meet with Chancellor David Markee to make the gift and express their support. Anderson explained that Hensel Phelps has been pleased with the quality of the interns and permanent employees it has recruited through UWP and wants to continue to cultivate their relationship with the university.

"Hensel Phelps is wholly owned by the employees of the company, and our formula for success is to hire entry level people and grow our own leaders. When we interview, we're not just looking for a body to do the basics. We ask, 'can this person be a leader?' We believe the only thing that would restrict our growth as a company is to fail to develop our people. We know, from our work with Doc (Marc) Shelstrom, what quality of education UWP students are receiving and we want our relationship with the university to continue," he said.

According to Anderson, Shelstrom and Dick Klawiter, assistant dean for the UWP College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture, Daase is the kind of student who was well prepared for the expectations of the construction management industry. She interned with Hensel Phelps the summer before her senior year, was offered a permanent position, and returned to the company the summer after graduation. She began in the role of field engineer and has now moved into the position of office engineer. In addition to her regular duties, she assists the company in recruiting high quality construction management talent. She attended the UWP Career Fair in spring 2006 and will return in spring 2007, scouting for both interns and permanent employees.

"We like to hire out of our intern base, but we will hire students who haven't gone through an internship and are just coming out the program because we know how well they have been trained here. I love talking to UWP students and telling them about this company. It's an amazing place to work and I feel very lucky to be here," she said.

Markee, Klawiter, Shelstrom and Dennis Cooley, director of the UWP Foundation and University Relations, expressed their appreciation for the support from Hensel Phelps and their belief that a strong relationship will continue in the future.

"UW-Platteville has a rich tradition of involvement and support, both by graduates and by business and industry. Hensel Phelps and the Pioneer alumni at Hensel Phelps are offering a strong vote of confidence for our building construction management program and the faculty who teach it by recruiting from our pool of students and graduates and by providing financial support through our Foundation. We truly appreciate this support and look forward to building on this strong relationship in ways that are mutually beneficial for our university community and for Hensel Phelps," said Markee.

Anyone interested in learning more about the BCM program, including internship and co-op opportunities, may contact Shelstrom at (608) 342-1145.

Contact: Marc Shelstrom, professor, UWP Building Construction Management, (608) 342-1145,shelstrm@uwplatt.edu Prepared by: Evelyn Martens, UWP Public Relations, (608) 342-1194,martense@uwplatt.edu


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