Graduation is "music" to McFall's ears

April 30, 2003

PLATTEVILLE-"Music is a gift that God has given me the ability to play," said Amanda McFall, graduating UW-Platteville student. McFall, a native of Platteville, and daughter of Larry and Marilyn McFall, will graduate from UWP with a major in music with an emphasis in piano in May.

McFall has been involved in a variety of different performances and solo events. She was secretary of the University Singers, a member of the chamber choir, contributed to the Heartland Festival, performed with the Pioneer Singers, concert choir and various senior solos.

"I became interested in music because of the emotion that one can express, the option of being able to teach lessons and being able to accompany people," said McFall.

She took piano lessons for 14 years and was involved in solo ensemble in high school. McFall chose UWP because she felt the opportunities would be plentiful by attending a smaller campus.

Her future plans are to teach and accompany students in a freelance setting. She plans to marry Nick Carnahan in August and live in Platteville. McFall currently instructs and coaches 10 students ranging in age from 5 to 15 years. She hopes to have a building someday where she could give lessons and students could come and her goal is to one day expand her piano studio.

She began teaching piano lessons when she was a sophomore in high school and a family at her church suggested that she begin teaching. She has now been teaching piano lessons for more than 6 years. It has been a challenge for her to balance her musical performances, being a full-time student, and encouraging her own piano students.

McFall felt that the biggest challenge for her in college-because there were so many opportunities for her to perform in ensembles or in the music department in general- was trying to pick and choose and limit the amount of involvement. challenge. However, she said this was the best thing about UWP as well.

The person who impacted McFall most on campus was Dr. Bob Demaree.

"He wasn't my advisor, but he has always thrown new challenges at me and helped me become more mature in my music," said McFall. "Paul Thurmond also helped me to look past notes and look into the music."

"This is a major that you get to have discussions about what people are all about and bring that out in your work," said McFall.

Other hobbies that interest McFall are running, downhill skiing, picnics and being with family.

McFall performed her senior recital on March 13. At her recital she performed Papillons by Robert Schuman. The piece told a story about some butterflies at a masquerade ball. The piece was 12 movements. Eleven movements were about the different butterflies at the ball. The 12th movement was how they were leaving and heard the clock chiming.


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