Gillin travels internationally through Study Abroad Program

February 11, 2003

PLATTEVILLE- UW-Platteville student Donesh Gillin has returned for spring classes after spending his last semester studying in Nagasaki, Japan. A native of Wauwatosa, Gillin is currently a senior majoring in electrical engineering.

While in Japan, Gillin lived with a host family and, following his experience abroad, feels this was the best choice for accommodations. Gillin chose to study abroad after hearing positive feedback from friends who had already taken part in the study abroad program in Nagasaki. A personal interest in Japanese language and culture inspired him to study specifically in Japan.

While attending the Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages (Division of Nagasaki Gaidai), Gillin completed classes on Japanese language, business and culture along with two classes each on Japanese literature and the aspects of Japanese culture (aikido, flower arrangement, how to were a kimono, etc.).

Besides studying, Gillin also spent time traveling within the country touring the cities of Fukouka and Kyoto.

"Going to Kyoto was my most memorable experience," Gillin said. "It is a really beautiful city and I enjoyed going to the different temples and shrines which are located there."

Gillin said the study abroad office at UWP was very useful in preparing for his trip by providing a lot of information and a book on the differences between Japanese and American culture. Gillin also felt his study abroad experience was extremely rewarding and would recommend the program to any student.

"Studying abroad is a unique experience that I think is vital to students who are looking more for an education in college, instead of just working towards a degree," Gillin said.


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